Khmer Rouge Tribunal (ECCC) still seeking more fund

03-03-2012: More than 7 millions US dollar was funded to Extraordinary Chamber of Cambodia Court on Thursday and Friday this week.

 After several day of the new budget proposal to support the operation cost in the court for 2012 – 2013 and also for the case 003 and case 004 in New York conference, the court finally got good news on Thursday this week from Japanese government for 6 million US dollar, and other 1.2 million from the embassy of British in Phnom Penh.

 The fund proposal of ECCC earlier in this year is seeking to 92 millions US dollar. At the meat time, the fund arrives to the court less than 10 percent of the request.

 Since the previous months, some stuffs in the court had already started to sustained their work as the reason fund-lacking. The fund of 7.1 will be for the stuffs salary of the court from the last year october which has not arrived to them since still.

 At least it takes three weeks to have those fund.

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Deutschland (Germany)

Dear all,

I will be soon publish a long series of article about Deutschland (Germany). I’ve been to Germany for 17 days. Let’s see how much I could understood on Germany. Please correct me if I am wrong by unintentionally.
Nice to see you again here…


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Visiting National Museum

I can feel that most tourists come to visit Cambodia is not about seeing its historical thing, but people wanted to see the amazing Angkor Wat, and the natural resource in this tiny developing country.

Cambodia does not have a lot of museum as the other country. If you happen to be in Phnom Penh, and have some times. Just do not forget our biggest museum, called national museum. If you are interested to go deeply into Cambodia cultural, national museum would be a good place to explore the cultural art than other places I believe.

National Museum used to name Musée Albert Sarraut which take after the name of the French colonial president in Indochina. Later, it was under the name of National Museum today in the eight years after the Cambodia independence succeeded. National Museum was first established in 1905 in the former Palace in King Sisovath period during the French colonial time. Than in 1920, the museum finally being at the place it is located now. The building was designed by a French architecture, George Groslier by respecting to Cambodia architectural art.

National Museum has collected all the cultural art about 15 000 kinds into its warehouse. However, the exhibition is only available for normal visit at about 2500 kinds. It is just about security reason because those are very old.

At the museum, they have a small book shop on Cambodia history which visitor can find also the history of the museum, and some of the Cambodia history itself also. In addition, visitors are possible to have guide to tour you around in the exhibition.


One of the art in the National Museum, known as special creature of God in the wall of Angkor Wat

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How many is too many

How far do proposed restrictions on freedom of assembly really reach?

Law Expert, NGO represtative, Journalist criticizing on NGO and Association Law at Cambodia Club of Journalist round table forum

Associations and NGOs are growing rapidly in Cambodia. There are about 3,000 NGOs and associations registered with Cambodia’s Ministry of Interior. Yet some of the 3,000 do not run any activities.

The Ministry of Interior is in the progress of drafting a new law covering associations and NGOs. A lot of the NGOs and associations have been complaining about this proposed new law. Rong Chhun, the president of Independent Teachers Association, complained that the draft is extremely strict with NGOs and associations.

“We have to submit our financial report to the Ministry of Interior, our annual activity plan, so we can no longer keep secret what our institution does.”

The draft associations and NGOs law from the Ministry of Interior is aimed at setting the conditions for creating, registering and detailing the activities of associations, local NGOs and international NGOs in Cambodia. According to the draft released in December last year, the new law will cover associations and local NGOs registered with the Ministry of Interior and international NGOs which have a MoU agreement with the Royal Government of Cambodia.

The draft did not clarify the activities of the student association. However Khieu Sopheak, the spokesman for the Ministry of Interior, confirmed that “student associations which are only based working at schools might not be covered by this law when the law is adopted. This law controls associations and NGOs and their activities in society”.

Rong Chhun, the president of the Independent Teachers Association, also said the new law does not control anything related to studies. “This draft law is not related to study purposes. Students can lead student associations and create associations also.”

The Student Association of the Royal University of Law and Economics said the law would not affect student associations when it is adopted. “We have no worries because we only work in our school. And the law is about the law,” said Tith Kakrolna, president of the Student Association of the Royal University of Law and Economics.

Established in Cambodia for a year now, the Association Internationale des Étudiants en Sciences Économiques et Commerciales Cambodia, an international youth organization, received approved from the Ministry of Interior in January this year.

“I have not read the law, I have no comment on this law,” said Lauri Lahi, the president of AIESEC Cambodia.

“Registration with the Ministry of Interior for international student associations is one matter, the process of registration as an association or NGO with the Ministry of Interior will be even harder after the drafted law is adopted,” said Rong Chhun. He added that the government should reconsider the law.

There have been many complaints about this proposed law from NGOs and associations. The government wants more control over associations and NGOs. Khiev Sopheak said: “The law has yet to be adopted, and if people complain about the law, it is likely they do not want to have this law.”

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Experience with Nokia X2-01

Two months ago, Nokia had launched two smart phone series; Nokia N8 and C7, which are not only smart in application but also in an awesome price; both are around five hundreds U.S dollar. Unlike, N8 and C7; a new product Nokia X2-01, about a hundred U.S dollar which has somehow a style to Nokia C3. It is really in a very reasonable price of Nokia so far with such a lot of application, exactly fit to student. Mr. Md. Mesbahuddin ; Business Development Manager for Nokia Cambodian and Lao explain about Nokia X2-01 during the fourth of January launch of Nokia X2-01 that “While there are more than 50-60% of Cambodian are youth, we hope that Nokia X2-01 will perform well among young students that are into social networking and music.”
First of all, it is surprising to have such the price, and it can let you access to internet, twitter, facebook, chat …, specially ovi store available ( which including music, maps, apps, email and more; most of them are free downloading. Its button is liked the computer keyboard. It is even lighter than Nokia C3. In the other hands, it is more specialized in music and messaging, chat. X2-01 would be for the simple user only who would like to access to internet, chat, and music. Its VGA camera is a very basic one, can take only a simple quality picture.

Nokia X2-01 detail:
The screen on the Nokia X2-01 is a 2.4 inch QVGA display with a VGA camera on the back. Weighing 108g. It allows for 8GB of external storage. The Nokia X2-01 will be available at a retailed price around $US100.


Saoyuth, Sovandara, Vannith testing Nokia X2-01

A guest using Nokia X2-01 at the Launch

Md. Mesbahuddin, Bussiness Development Manager for Nokia Cambodia and Lao talk at X2-01 Launched.

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Who is Julian Assange?

Julian Paul Assange ( born 3 July 1971) is an Australian journalist publisher and internet activist. He is best known as the spokesperson and editor-in-chief for WikiLeaks, a whistleblower website, releasing secret document that everyone should have learned. Before working with the website, he was a physics and mathematics student as well as a computer programmer. He has lived in several countries and has told reporters he is constantly on the move. He makes irregular public appearances to speak about freedom of the press, censorship, and investigative reporting; he has also won several journalism awards for his work with WikiLeaks.

Assange founded the controversial WikiLeaks website in 2006 and serves on its advisory board. In this capacity, he has been involved in the publication of material documenting extrajudicial killings in Kenya, a report of toxic waste dumping on the African coast, Church of Scientology manuals, Guantánamo Bay procedures, and material involving large banks such as Kaupthing and Julius Baer among other documents. He has recently received widespread public attention for the publication of classified material from WikiLeaks documenting details about the involvement of the United States in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. On 28 November 2010, WikiLeaks and its five media partners began publishing the United States diplomatic cables leak. According to The Guardian, this has placed Assange “at the centre of intense media speculation and a hate campaign against him in America”.
On 30 November 2010, Interpol placed Assange on its red notice list of wanted persons; concomitantly, a European Arrest Warrant was issued for him. He is wanted for questioning on suspicion of “sex crimes”; this does not refer to suspicion of non-consensual sex, but to a condom breaking during consensual sex. He has not been formally charged with any crime. Mark Stephens, a British legal representative of Assange, said “It is highly irregular and unusual for the Swedish authorities to issue a red notice in the teeth of the undisputed fact that Mr Assange has agreed to meet voluntarily to answer the prosecutor’s questions”.

Read more on Wikipedia[….

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Water Festival Stampede, Cambodian Gov’t mourn across the country for 22nd November

Phnom Penh: during the Cambodian annual water festival 20-22 Novermber 2010; on the last day 22nd November, there was a tragedy of a stampede which ever never happened in Cambodia. It happened in a Koh Pich, which is a private for any exibition, wedding party, lots of crowded people go there in the normal day. Moreover, at the night of the tragedy, the Koh Pich has a big goods exibition on sale, concert, so people gathering there a lot. In fact, the lenght of the bridge is a hundred meters. Yet, the number of people just over a thousand of Koh Pich goer. The tragedy happened just worst in about 9:45. The police just started to help at about nearly two hours later. Now, the number of people died rising until now in an estimate of 456 and more than 700 injured by 24 November; however, this number is not an official number yet. When asking for the responsibility, the government authority and local security at Koh Pich put a blame on each other. But the government was not panish anyone in charge of the tragedy while the Gov’t just created a commitee for solving the problem of Koh Pich stampede. The cause of the tragedy has not yet officially annouce, whileas the police said it happened because the crowded of people gathering and lack of oxygen in too many people. Regarding to the NGOs, civil sector blamed on the authority who cannot get the control during the people rushing together, and added that the great gragedy would be the experience for the government in the future. According to the expert on event management of the france company saying that the tragedy happening, the authority must respone the problem. The problem is that while it is more than a four people in one square, so that the people will lost their control, so the authority must be ready for this.
After the tragedy, there are several causes that are the rumour. Electrice, ganster fighting, and the shouted of bridge is being break. However, the main reason is the losing controal on thousands of people.

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First time of hundred died in 2010 Cambodia Water Festival 20-22 November

Phnom Penh- Last night: The report by 7:30 am of 23 November, people found dead 349 and injured 555. 22 November 2010; there was a crush of thousand people who joining the water festival in Koh Pich Island; Phnom Penh, on the exist-bridge in Koh Pich Island; the well-known park and building zone. It happened in the evening.  the third day of Water-Festival in Phnom Penh, Capital city of Cambodia. The awful phenomenon has not yet find the causes. So, if you have any information about the cause, please contact police +855 78 767575 / +855 78 767576 / +855 78 767577 or +855 17 911168 / +855 78 767578 / +855 78 767579

News from other relievable source
1. Phnom Penh Post
2. The Guardian uk

Local Language wesite
1. Bayon TV website
2. CEN


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Fossasia 2010 in Ho Chi Minh City

Click here to read about FOSSAsia

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My Singapore DPI wireless Mouse

by: Cheng Lita (My favorite Wireless Mouse

Recently, I have a supprised experience with my new wireless mouse. The word wireless is the most word that I love the most. The reason is that I do not have to be bored with wire. Example of the wireless internet. It is very convenience to access to the internet.

I really love technology so much. Everytime, I love to have more technology in life. I cannot imagine if there is less updated technology.

Life is more cilization for people in the developed world. We have everything more conveniece in life. People have more money, people want to spend on something easily. They want something easy; of course more modern.

For a tech user, they really want everything fresh and comfortable.

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